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Friday, August 21, 2009

1959: Death of Lou Costello

Above, Lou Costello with Elvis Presley and Jane Russell.

1959: Death of Lou Costello

Along with George Reeves, 1959 also saw the passing of comedian Lou Costello on March 3. He died at Doctor's Hospital of a heart attack. He had suffered a prior heart attack the week before and seemed to be getting better.

He was watching television at home when he was hit by the first heart attack. He had a good day on the day of his death. He was in a jovial mood and requested and enjoyed a strawberry ice cream soda that morning.

At around 3:55 PM, he asked one of his nurses to turn him on his side, saying that he'd feel more comfortable. Before she could reach him, Costello slumped back and died. He died three days short of his 53rd birthday.

Here are some of the newspaper articles of Costello's death and funeral rites from the two of the Los Angeles newspapers:


Victor Guanowsky said...

Abbott and Costello are my favorite comedy team. Their TV show was brilliant, and I cannot think of a better comedy than A&C meets Frankenstein. I would love to see Lou's guest appearance on Wagon Train where he played a deaf mute.

Anonymous said...

In the " Tobias Jones Story " on Wagon Train, Lou played an alcoholic accused of murder, not a deaf-mute.

Anonymous said...

Lou Costello wasthe greatest of all time and from a tiny little girl to the woman i am today i still feel so sad. he was taken way to young. In my heart forever.xxxxx

Anonymous said...

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Joe Castiglia said...

Lou next to my Father you were my 2nd hero. I'm sure your making him and others laugh in Gods kingdom. God bless you for making my family and I laugh for so many years. May god give my Father and you eternal happiness


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