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Sunday, September 20, 2009

Traci Lords In "Princess of Mars"

Above, Traci Lords is set to play Dejah in new movie by The Asylum. Photo by Armand Vaquer.

Edgar Rice Burroughs, who was the creator of Tarzan (and who had a ranch near where I live), will have his Princess of Mars novel come to life by The Asylum.

In the story, a US soldier, John Carter, finds himself inexplicably transported to Mars in the midst of a war between two alien races.

The movie was written and directed by Mark Atkins and stars Antonio Sabato, Jr. as John Carter.

Dejah Thoris will be played by ex-porn star and genre scream queen Traci Lords. So far, no images of Lords as Dejah are available.

The Burroughs novel apparently fell into public domain, so besides The Asylum's version, there will also be a Disney version coming out. This should get interesting!

Princess of Mars is scheduled to be released December 29.

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