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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Morinaga & Company Globe

Above, the Morinaga & Co. neon sign at night.  Circa 1953.

Kaiju fans are familiar with the Wako Department Store at Ginza Crossing.  It first appeared in Godzilla (1954) when the clock on the building's tower gonged the hour in Godzilla's face, which caused the great beast to tear it down.

There is another Ginza landmark (no longer there) that also appeared in Godzilla.  It is the Morinaga & Co.'s globe-shaped neon sign.  Morinaga & Co. is a confectionery company specializing in "Foodstuffs, Frozen Desserts and Weider brand."

Above, the Moriaga & Co. globe is seen in this vintage post card from the 1950s.
The Wako Department store can be seen at right.
It was erected around 1953 (just in time to appear in Godzilla).

The Morinaga & Co. neon globe was dismantled in 1983.

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