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Monday, November 24, 2014

Happy 94th Birthday, Noel Neill!

Above, Noel Neill with her leading man, George Reeves.
Last August, while planning the Adventures of Superman plaque dedication portion of the Superman Celebration in Tarzana, I was wondering (and hoping) that actress Noel Neill would be able to attend.

Unfortunately, Noel's frail health prevented her from attending. But, she was well aware of the plaque dedication and was reportedly very pleased. I am sure that she will receive a copy of the sooon-to-be-released DVD of the Superman Celebration. Hopefully, someone showed her a photo of the plaque.

Above, Noel Neill and her fellow Superman cast members are pictured on the plaque. Photo by Armand Vaquer.

Tomorrow is Noel's 94th birthday. She was born on November 25, 1920 in Minneapolis, Minnesota. She first portrayed Daily Planet reporter Lois Lane in two Superman serials by Columbia Pictures.

In 1953, she reclaimed the role on the Adventures of Superman after the first season Lois Lane, Phyllis Coates, opted out for another television series. Noel remained with the show through its final season in 1957.

Since then, she had been a tireless ambassador of the show. First, she held talks at colleges and universities and then appeared at many fan conventions around the country.

Tomorrow's the day to raise a glass to toast "The First Lady of Metropolis." Happy Birthday, Noel!

Above, Noel addresses the Superman Week ceremony at the L.A. County
Board of Supervisors with Supervisor Mike Antonovich looking on.

Above, Noel with yours truly at the Kenneth Hahn Hall
of Administration for the Superman Week ceremony.

Above, Noel and Armand at the TV Land Convention.

Above, Jack Larson and Noel at her 85th birthday celebration. Photo by Armand Vaquer.

Here's the story on my first meeting with Noel.

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