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Friday, November 28, 2014

Mt. Aso's Eruption Causing Chaos With Air Traffic

Above, a scene from Rodan (1956) picturing one of the flying monsters over Mount Aso.

Kaiju fans are familiar with Kyushu's Mount Aso volcano as the location where the Rodans met their demise in Rodan (1956). The bombardment of missiles and artillery shells of the monsters caused the volcano to erupt. The eruption finished off the flying reptiles.

Above, Mount Aso's eruption engulfs one of the Rodans in 1956.

Today, the Mount Aso volcano is erupting (today is the fourth day since the eruption began) and is causing havoc with air traffic out of Kumamoto Airport.

According to the United Kingdom's The Independent in an article dated November 28:
Plumes of volcanic ash caused flight cancellations and disruptions yesterday in the first eruption of a Japanese volcano in more than 22 years. 
Mount Aso - situated on Kyushu island 625 miles (1,005km) south from the capital Tokyo - spewed out lava, debris and smoke while expelling columns of ash 3,280 feet (1km) into the sky, the Japan Meteorological Agency said. 
Dozens of flights from Kumamoto Airport, in the nearest city, were cancelled by Japan Airlines and All Nippon Airways due to poor visibility in the area.
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