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Wednesday, December 10, 2014

50th Anniversary of Sam Cooke's Death

Tomorrow marks 50 years since the strange death of singer Sam Cooke took place at the Hacienda Motel at 9137 S. Figueroa Street in South-Central Los Angeles. The motel was about three miles from where my family lived at the time. I remember the news reports on Cooke's death.

The Wall Street Journal commemorates Cooke's death with an article:
The events leading up to the shooting death of Sam Cooke at a seedy Los Angeles motel 50 years ago are as murky now as they were in the early morning hours of Dec. 11, 1964. Did the woman Cooke met at a bar earlier in the evening rush from the motel room with his cash and clothes in a robbery attempt or was she escaping Cooke’s advances, as she later claimed? Did the female motel manager who killed an irate, half-naked Cooke a short time later shoot him in self-defense, as she testified—or was she in on the theft?
Cooke is best-known for such hits as "You Send Me," "Cupid" and "Another Saturday Night."

The Hacienda Motel is now gone, replaced by a market.

To read more, go here.

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