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Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Best Western Information Tablets In Tokyo Rooms

Above, the ad for The Monster Movie Fan's Guide To Japan
 ebook. Maybe I should get them to include it?

Best Western hotels is now providing tablets in its rooms in Tokyo for the convenience of their guests so they can have access to attractions, restaurants and hotel services.

According to The Japan Times:
Best Western Hotels is collaborating with Kachikaihatsu Co. to improve the information and content they provide hotel guests by installing “ee-TaB*” tablets in its hotel rooms. 
The service was introduced Nov. 1 in Best Western Tokyo Nishikasai and the ee-TaB* is now available in all of the hotel’s 185 rooms. 
The ee-TaB* was jointly developed by Mirait Corp. and Techfirm Inc. 
Kachikaihatsu Co. created the contents for the tablet, which includes hotel information, weather forecasts, TV schedules, movies and e-books. Additionally, hotel guests can read about tourist attractions and other spots near the hotel, as well as recommended traditional stores in nearby Nihonbashi and Ningyocho.
Best Western plans to install the tablet in other hotels as well.

Since they will be offering ebooks, maybe I should contact them about offering The Monster Movie Fan's Guide To Japan ebook on their tablets. [Update: I have contacted Best Western Hotels and the Kachikaihatsu Co. about a possible offering.]

I do have one question about this: What's to keep less-than-honest hotel guests from walking off with the tablets (unless they're chained to the room's desk)?

To read more, go here.

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