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Tuesday, December 23, 2014

How Spies Avoid Attention While Traveling

Above, 'Q' reviews features of the special attache case with James Bond in From Russia With Love (1963).

The average traveler probably won't be traveling with an attache case with a built-in smoke bomb, a hidden dagger and gold sovereign coins or with a Walther PPK, but there's an interesting article by the Irish Independent on how spies travel without arousing suspicion by airport security.

They begin with:
Take it easy at the Christmas party if you plan to fly the next day. According to the CIA’s secret travel guide for spies, travellers with “shaking or trembling hands, rapid breathing for no apparent reason, cold sweats, pulsating carotid arteries, a flushed face, and avoidance of eye contact” will arouse suspicion. 
That is one of the hundreds of tips from the latest Wikileaks online revelation: a 14-page document called Surviving Secondary: An Identity Threat Assessment of Secondary Screening Procedures at International Airports. 
The guide was produced at CIA headquarters in Langley, Virginia by the organisation’s Identity and Travel Intelligence staff. Its mission: to tell CIA staff travelling with false papers on covert operations how to avoid being singled out for extra attention at airports. But the contents inadvertently also provide advice for hard-pressed frequent flyers keen to reduce hassle.
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