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Thursday, December 25, 2014

TravelPulse's Top Travel Stories of 2014

Above, Narita International Airport Terminal One flight arrival board. Photo by Armand Vaquer.

Today is Christmas. Unfortunately, I have to work today (but I have to consider anyone with a job these days to be fortunate).

Since we are celebrating Christmas, that means New Year's is only a week away and with it, travel-related websites will most likely be posting their retrospective "looking back" articles on the top travel stories of 2014.

One has been posted already. It is from TravelPulse.com. In it, they picked out their top stories of 2014.

They begin with:
These 10 stories were what I considered the most significant developments on my beats (Rail, Europe, Asia and the Pacific in 2014). Obviously there were stories off my beat, like the breaking Cuba story, that trumps everything on my list, but that’s another writer’s responsibility I tried to look at stories that had long term consequence, whether for the good or the bad. There was a lot of good news this year, a year of fools and sages, scoundrels and saints, like every other year.
Japan made the list (number 5) as "Japan Rebound." It is a two-paragraph write-up but it does mention some things that are quite significant, considering the state of Japan's tourism industry just two years ago.

Here's a couple of highlights:

  • U.S. arrivals in Japan are up ten percent over last year
  • the dollar now buys 118 yen [yesterday, it was at 120 yen], when in late-2012, it only purchased 77 yen

If I come across more retrospective stories that are of interest, I will post them here.

To read more top stories, go here.

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