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Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Twelve New Laws That Take Effect In 2015

2015 does not bode well for the citizens of the crazy People's Republic of California as new laws by the left-wing socialist government led by Governor Jerry "Moonbeam" Brown will take effect. Other laws and regulations by cities and the federal government will also take effect.

According to an article in the San Bernardino County Sun, twelve of them merit special attention.

Before going into the laws, they wrote:
The gap is widening between the rich and the poor. Water is drying up. Fish are choking on plastics. Tragedies and long-term trends prompted state lawmakers and Gov. Jerry Brown to enact more than 900 laws in 2014 (Brown vetoed 143). Here’s a rundown of some big changes on the state, local and national level.
If there's a gap between rich and poor that is widening, it is due to the over-taxed and over-regulated environment that people of California and the rest of the country have to contend with.

A lot of these stem from not "allowing a crisis go to waste."

Here's the twelve laws:
  • Banning the bag - California will be the first to ban single-use plastic bags. Los Angeles already has such a law in place and it is a major pain in the ass. 
  • Saving groundwater - Allegedly spurred by the drought, this will probably put a lot of the state's farmers out of business.
  • Homeowners associations - This law will prevent HOAs from fining people from watering their lawns or allowing plants to die during drought conditions or installing drought-resistant landscaping.
  • Licenses for immigrants - This allows illegal immigrants to apply for drivers and get special identification cards. Gee, why don't we just roll out the red carpet for people who are violating our laws?
  • Higher minimum wage - Los Angeles is implementing a higher minimum wage for hotel workers who work at hotels with more than 300 rooms. This may lead to job cuts by hotel executives. The L.A. City Council is considering a higher minimum wage across all industries. Nothing like spending other people's money.
  • Paid sick leave - Companies will have to cough up (pun intended) paid sick leave for employees who call in sick (or who stay home to care for ill children). Starting July 1, California workers  who have worked 30 days or more within a year will accrue sick time.
  • Gun control - Two state laws were passed. One urges law enforcement agencies to search the state’s database of gun purchases as part of routine welfare checks and the other allows police to temporarily seize guns if a court determines people are a threat to themselves or others. We all know who appoints the judges in this state, don't we? The leftists in the state legislature and the governor. How's that for fairness and violating people's Second Amendment rights?
  • Yes means yes - This law will require that students give “affirmative consent” for sexual activity. How's that for "keeping government out of the bedroom" that liberals always whine about?
  • Firing bad teachers - This a new state law will streamline the discipline and appeals process by expediting and prioritizing cases of serious misconduct, those involving sexual abuse, child abuse and certain drug offenses. This may not go far enough, but its a start.
  • Initiative reform - The initiative system is flawed, but this "reform" law goes too far. It allows the legislature to decide on a measure's "merits" if it manages to get 25% of signatures needed. We all know who controls the legislature and what they'll do if an initiative is counter to their socialist agenda.
  • ObamaCare - 2015 is  the first year taxpayers have to show that they carried health insurance on their tax returns. The Affordable Care Act’s “individual mandate” could require individuals tand families to pay a penalty. This was the tax that the Obama drones said wasn't a tax. 
  • Freer farm animals - Have you noticed how the cost of eggs in California has shot up? 

Small wonder why the voters handed so many Democrats their walking papers in November. Will the Republicans in Congress have the guts to undo many crazy laws and taxes? Only time will tell. 

California is already a lost cause.

To read more, go here.

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