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Thursday, December 25, 2014

Wi2 Launches “TRAVEL JAPAN Wi-Fi” App

For those of you who might be traveling to Japan but just can't live without being in contact with family and friends through the Internet or need a tool to make your travel experience better, the Japan National Tourism Organization (JNTO) has some good news for you.

According to the JNTO website:
Enjoy Japan more with “TRAVEL JAPAN Wi-Fi”, the new app for Android/iOS. 
Three things to make you happy: 
* Free Wi-Fi anywhere you go
200,000+ hotspots across Japan are available for free.
No need to walk around aimlessly to find a hotspot any more, the app helps you to find it easily.
We know having Internet access will allow you to have better experiences in Japan. 
* Local info and special deals around you
Receive useful information around your current location.
The app acts as your personal travel assistant, giving you information on special offers and local recommendations.
These tips will improve your stay. 
* Memories in Timeline
The pleasure of travel is not only in that moment.
Looking back on the places you visited brings you more joy, doesn’t it?
Complete your journey by storing your footprints online, like making a travel diary.
To have access to these goodies, all you'll need once you arrive in Japan are your passport and  “TRAVEL JAPAN Wi-Fi”!

All you'll need to do to get “TRAVEL JAPAN Wi-Fi” is to go to Google Play and the App Store.

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