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Saturday, January 24, 2015

Breakfast At Tsukiji

Above, a quick photo op before breakfast.

The historic Tsukiji Fish Market is set to close for good next year and the market will be relocated to its new facility that is to open in November 2016.

So, if you want to see the historic fish market and partake in an early morning breakfast at a restaurant next to it, now's the time to do so. I went to the fish market and had a sushi breakfast at a nearby restaurant four years ago. It was a very enjoyable experience.

Time Out Tokyo has an article with a list of the best places to eat inside and outside the market.

They begin with:
The Tsukiji wholesale market is one of Tokyo's most prominent sightseeing spots, always attracting hordes of both tourists and locals. Although a culinary experience here usually involves sushi or other seafood fare, Tsukiji connoisseurs know it's not all about raw fish. Here's our list of the best places both inside and outside the market for everything from classic curry rice, surprisingly tasty bread, and the obligatory super-fresh sushi, so set your alarm clock and start the day with a truly extraordinary breakfast. Don't bother to get up early on Sunday or holidays though - the market is always closed on those days (as well as on certain Wednesdays). 
To read more, go here

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