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Monday, January 26, 2015

Democrats Want To Impose Mileage Tax On California Drivers

The Looney Left Report

The Looney Left in Sacramento is now claiming that because gasoline prices have dropped, the state of California is not getting as much revenue in taxes. Now they are thinking about imposing a "mileage tax" on California drivers.

According to CBS in San Francisco:
SAN FRANCISCO (CBS SF) — With an increase in electric and hybrid vehicles along with better fuel-efficient vehicles, changing Bay Area drivers habit are posing a serious problem for state coffers. 
As motorists use less and less gas, gas tax revenuesto pay for state highways, roads and bridges shrink. Meanwhile, as gas prices fall, so does the sales tax generated by fuel sales. In California, among the taxes collected on fuel is a 2.25% sales tax on gasoline and a 9.67 percent tax on diesel. 
Some state lawmakers feel a mileage tax is the best solution.
This is what happens when you have a state controlled by one party with no real opposition party to thwart their schemes for a California socialistic utopia.

One one side of their mouths, they want people to drive hybrids and fuel-efficient cars. After many people have done so, they then cry from the other side of their mouths that the state is not taking in as much tax revenue, so they want to gouge drivers with a new "mileage tax." If they were to implement a "milage tax," do you really think they would abolish the present gasoline taxes? Not on your life!

Besides the article, the comments posted by readers are good reads. Most of the the comments are right on the mark. And this is a San Francisco station?

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