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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Superman Celebration In Classic Images Magazine In The Works

Above, Jack Larson addressing the plaque dedication gathering. Photo by Steve Kirk.

It looks like last summer's Superman Celebration will get a magazine write-up in the not-too-distant future.

Jim Nolt, who was the ringleader of the Superman Celebration, posted this at Facebook today:
Good news... Steve Friedman's been in contact with Classic Images magazine, and they've promised an article about Celebration 2014 featuring many of Steve's photos in an upcoming issue. I'm working on the text this week and will get it to Steve by the weekend.
Steve Friedman is a professional photographer from New York who attended the Superman Celebration and took many photographs of the weekend's events (plaque dedication, luncheon and Pasadena Playhouse tour).

To view Classic Images magazine's website, go here.

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