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Monday, February 9, 2015

A Practical Joke

Back in 1982, I was working at United Pacific/Reliance Insurance Cos. in Los Angeles. Our claim manager, Gil Stafford, was on vacation and was to return to work on a Monday.

Some of us wanted to pull a practical joke on Gil for his return to work. I mentioned that I had a skull of an eskimo that my grandfather found on a beach in the Aleutian Islands in Alaska during World War II (he was stationed there as a Seabee). We got the idea to use the skull as part of the joke.

Before Gil got to work, we took the thickest Workers' Compensation claim file we could find and set it on his desk with the skull on top of it with a tag marked "salvage." After this, we shut the door to his office.

Once word got around about our prank, several workers (including the branch manager) came over to take a peek inside to see for themselves. They all came away giggling hysterically.

A little while later, Gil arrived and headed to his office. He opened the door and went inside and let out a huge laugh.

I located a photo of the skull on Gil's desk this morning:

I still have the skull. It is in a bowling bag (how appropriate) in my closet.

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