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Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Got My New Toy!

Today, my trek down to San Diego to pick up my "new toy" went off without any problems, as I expected it to be.

It began with the ride to Los Angeles International Airport to catch my flight down to San Diego. I got to American Airlines's terminal and check-in went smoothly (well, I did use their check-in machine) and got my boarding pass. On the boarding pass, I was directed to go to gate 44B. So I headed there.

After going through TSA's screening station, I bee-lined it to Gate 44B. Upon reaching it, it consisted of a long passageway with a sign that said that Gates 44 A through J will need to take a shuttle to another gate in another terminal. I got down to the end of the passageway and there, waiting, was the shuttle bus. I got in and we headed down a road adjacent to the runway.

At one point, we had to stop for a couple of minutes so a big Boeing 777 could cross the road we were on to get onto the runway.

Finally, we got to our terminal and gates which serviced small commuter jets. The plane assigned to the trip to San Diego was a small 50-seater jet.

Soon, we took off and headed for San Diego along the coast at 11,000 feet. It was a clear day and on the port side of the plane, the San Gabriel Mountains were covered in snow from the recent storm we had. On to starboard side, we had a clear view of Santa Catalina Island. As I had an aisle seat, I was unable take any photos of the island. The flight had no beverage service due to the short duration of the flight.

Upon arrival at San Diego's Lindbergh Field, the courtesy car from La Mesa RV took me to the dealership. On the way to the dealer, we drove through San Diego's Hotel Circle and passed by the Town and Country Hotel, the site of many GOP state conventions I attended in the 1970s and 1980s.

At the dealership, a big welcome monitor screen with the names of their newest customers displayed. Mine was at the top.

Before getting down to complete the paperwork (and hand over the check) and walk-through, I contacted my insurance company to get insurance coverage for the motorhome. After this was done, the walk-through began. I was going to video the walk-through, but it went so fast (and much of it was already familiar to me), I didn't bother.

After the walk-through, the sales paperwork was completed and signed. During the signing, I was given a $75 certificate to spend at the La Mesa RV accessory store. And spend it I did!

After my spending spree, I headed to my new 2015 Winnebago Minnie Winnie 322R and headed for home.

Above, my Aunt Rose and I with the Minnie Winnie.

Along the way home (which was about half-way to Los Angeles), I stopped in Mission Viejo to visit my Aunt Rose and a couple of cousins. I showed them the motor home and a couple of their neighbors came over to admire it.

Above, my aunt, cousins and I. No, I wasn't scowling. I was just caught mid-sentence.

After visiting with my aunt and cousins, I headed back to Los Angeles. The distance from La Mesa RV to home was 148 miles, much of it in rush-hour traffic. I was in no hurry, so I just relaxed and enjoyed my new toy.

It was an enjoyable day!

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