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Sunday, February 8, 2015

Japan Info: "100 Years of Tokyo" In Photographs

Above, a postcard (circa 1930) showing Ginza Crossing.

One of the things about history I enjoy is to see photographs of places from the past and comparing them to today or, (you may call them) "then and now" photographs.

I have been to Japan seven times since 2001 and even I have noticed some changes here and there in just a span of 14 years.

Japan Info has posted some photographs of different areas of Tokyo from the past 100 years and today.

They begin with:
In the last 100 years, Japan has experienced a big transformation, from large wars followed by reconstruction and economic growth to the burst of the bubble. 
Can’t you feel just how large this transformation was by comparing photos from present and past in this article? 
Things changed, things unchanged.
Above, the Wako department store at Ginza Crossing in 2014. Photo by Armand Vaquer.

To see them, go here

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