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Sunday, February 1, 2015

Synchronicity? Maybe!

Above, Ariana Grande.

Earlier yesterday, I was reading an article at Rocket News 24 on singer Ariana Grande's fondness (to put it mildly) for Japan. So much so, she's even learning hiragana!

In their article, Rocket News 24 wrote (in part):
And having been to Japan many times herself, Ariana Grande is very familiar with the concept of “kawaii.” In fact she’s quite fond of Japan, proudly claiming on Japanese TV that she loves edamame, tofu and the eclectic Japanese singer, Kyary Pamyu Pamyu. 
Then, tonight, it just so happened that Ariana became a follower with me on Twitter within the last couple of hours. Talk about synchronicity!

It's a good thing I am already familiar with her work (her song, "Love Me Harder" is a favorite). Otherwise, I would have wondered, "Who?"

I wonder if she's a kaiju fan?

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