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Monday, February 16, 2015

Tokyo Without Billboards and Neon

Above, Akihabara's electric town would look barren without its clutter of signs. Photo by Armand Vaquer.

Tokyo is one city overloaded with giant video monitors, neon signs and billboards.

Rocket News 24 has an interesting post on what Tokyo would look like if all those were eliminated. It would look pretty drab. They have a number of GIF photos with and without signage posted.

They wrote:
If you’ve ever walked the streets of Tokyo, you’ll know how the buzz of people, street signs and giant screens can heighten all your senses and fill you with a rush of excitement that stays with you well after you’ve returned back home. While travel brochure photos can never truly prepare you for the dense onslaught of visual and aural stimuli that envelop you when you visit the megalopolis, one creative photographer has come up with a clever way of highlighting the main features of the city by showing us just how bare the city landscape looks without them there.
 To read more, go here.

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