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Tuesday, March 24, 2015

JAPANiCAN: 5 Fun Things To Do In Tokyo

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★Looking for something different to do in Tokyo?
There are loads of interesting places to visit and fun things to do in Tokyo, but it can be a bit overwhelming to pick out what to do, so here are 5 recommendations for a few cool things you might have heard about and a couple that might not be on your radar yet!

1. Robot Show (Shinjuku)

The perfect mix of energetic cabaret and anime-like campiness, it's no wonder this unique and definitely fun show -- nay -- experience at Shinjuku's "Robot Restaurant" is one of the top rated things to do in Tokyo. Book with us for JPY 1,500 (21%) OFF the normal price, a drink on us, and a choice of 4 different start times!

Book the Robot Show!

2. Awa Dance Restaurant (Shinjuku)

Learn the traditional "Awa Odori", or Awa Dance, and enjoy a tasty meal all in one night and one place! The atmosphere is a festival from the moment you walk through the door, and after a brief performance, you can cut loose and jump right into the action with the professional performers and other diners. Choose from a lighter 4-dish meal or the 9-dish version that comes with all-you-can-drink!

Book the Awa Dance Restaurant!

3. Maid Cafe (Akihabara)

Visit the Mecca of Japan's "otaku" culture, Akihabara, for a cuteness overload at one of the most popular maid cafes around! The plan includes your choice of an entree or special dessert, a drink, a photo with your favorite maid, and a dance performance by the maids. Book with us to save almost JPY 1,500 off the normal price!

Book the Akihabara Maid Experience!

4. Bunny Cafe (Asakusa)

Need even more cuteness? Check out one of the newest additions to Tokyo's themed cafe scene, the Bunny Cafe! Go by yourself or with a friend and chill out with one of the adorably fluffy residents on this plan including a 30-minute play session and a treat to give your bunny! (Food and drinks for humans are available separately!)

Book a playdate with a bunny!

5. All-You-Can-Drink Asahi Super Dry Beer (Tokyo Skytree)

Going for drinks is a popular evening activity in Japan, with draft beer a popular choice. Treat yourself to a few frosty libations with this all-you-can-drink plan featuring Asahi Super Dry, right next door to the famous Tokyo Skytree! Plan includes 100 minutes of all-you-can-drink beer, other alcoholic beverages, and soft drinks as well as some light finger food, all for a special price of only JPY 3,000!

Book all-you-can-drink Asahi Beer!

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