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Sunday, March 1, 2015

Narita Airport Budget Shuttle Buses

Above, train and bus ticket counters at Narita International Airport. Photo by Armand Vaquer.

Whenever I've traveled to Japan, I've always flown into Narita International Airport and taken either the Narita Express or the Keisei Line trains into Tokyo (which are under an hour's ride).

However, there are also shuttle bus services available that are much cheaper than the aforementioned train lines.

Rocket News 24 reviews both budget bus services. So if you are not in a hurry to get into Tokyo or want to save money, these alternatives may be to your liking.

They begin their article with:
Most tourists to Japan will come in and out through Tokyo’s Narita Airport. But like many international airports, Narita is not exactly on the doorstep of a major destination city, and travellers headed for Tokyo will usually make the 60-kilometer (36-mile) journey to the metropolis via the Narita Express, a high-speed rail service with a single-trip fare of 3020 yen (US $25.34)
What’s perhaps less well-known is there are two budget bus services that take you from Narita Airport to Tokyo Station for as little as 900 yen. Tokyo Shuttle and The Access Narita seem to offer similar airport shuttle services, but which is the better option?  And can they match the Narita Express in comfort and convenience? We sent one of our Japanese reporters to test out both services and find out!
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