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Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Oy! Such A Deal! A Tent For $16.00!

A friend emailed me an ad she saw on eBay for a Coleman 6-person "Hampton" camping cabin tent for $16.00.

She thought the ad might be "too good to be true" but decided (since she was on the market for a tent and other camping gear anyway) to hit "buy now" and ordered it.

Since she did, 33 more orders came into that account and they may be sold out. At that price, small wonder!

She thinks that if this was a bogus ad, it may have been because the account holder's account was hacked. I suspect that, at worst, the $16.00 price may have been a typo and they intended it to be listed at $160.00 as I saw other ads for this model tent for around $150.00. But, as the ad wasn't pulled, the account holder, in my view, is stuck. For $16.00, she thought it worth the risk.

We'll see if the tent is delivered to her for $16.00. If so, then she got herself a great deal!

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