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Sunday, March 29, 2015

The "Proper" Way of Eating Sushi

Above, an Asakusa, Tokyo sushi restaurant. Photo by Armand Vaquer.

Many Americans are fans of sushi, but a great many of them don't know how to "properly" eat it.

Fortunately, Gaijinpot.com has posted an article on the correct way of eating sushi. So if you are in Japan and are about to sit down for a tasty sushi meal, this article will (probably) help you to enjoy it more and, at the same time, not raise a few eyebrows by the locals.

It begins with:
How do YOU eat sushi? Do you smear extra Wasabi on top? Pick up the sushi with chopsticks and dip the rice into soy sauce (and let it linger to absorb the salty juices)? I like to bite into the sushi to split it in half; then, I can feel the tenderness of the fish (and feel like I have more pieces to eat). Some people I know like to use mayo, Sriracha, or eel sauce on their sushi. I like to mix the wasabi and soy sauce together to form a greenish-brownish paste. And others remove the fish from the rice and enjoy them separately, or even discard the rice. 
Many people don’t know that there is actually a “proper” way to eat this beloved cuisine. Eating sushi comes with its own unique table manners that got lost with the rise in popularity and accessibility. However, knowing these rules can give you insight on what you are being served and how to show respect/gratitude to the chef.
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