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Sunday, March 22, 2015

The Robert Durst Case, Something Interesting

While watching the Fox News Channel's show, Justice w/Judge Jeanine, the Robert Durst story came on and during the story, a letter involved with the murder of Susan Berman flashed on the screen and caught my attention.

Durst is alleged to be the serial killer of a number of people, including Berman.

This is the letter to Susan Berman:

What caught my attention about the letter was the address of Susan Berman: 1527 Benedict Canyon.

Why, you may ask?

Here is a photo of 1579 Benedict Canyon that I took a few years ago:

1579 Benedict Canyon was the home of Adventures of Superman star George Reeves and where he allegedly committed suicide.

Here's how close the Reeves and Berman homes are:

Above, the location of the Reeves home.

Above, the location of the Berman home.

As Arte Johnson used to say on Rowan and Martin's Laugh-In, "Verrrry interesting!"

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