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Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Tokyo Cheapo's "The Best Cheap Eats In Tokyo"

Above, a sushi meal in Asakusa. Photo by Armand Vaquer.

If you've ever wondered where to eat "on the cheap" in Tokyo, you're in luck!

The folks at Tokyo Cheapo has compiled a list of "the best cheap eats in Tokyo." 

They start it with:
While Tokyo life may not be getting any cheaper, the city's appetite for great value food has never been bigger. Tokyoites love to eat out – a lot – and this has made it one the best cities in the world for quality at a low price. We set out on a quest to find the very best cheap eats in the metropolis, and came back with far too many eateries to include here. The spots listed below are our top picks, and constitute a complete A to Z of where to dine on a budget. 
Some of the venues in the list below are very traditionally Japanese, but they span a range of styles – ramen of course, but also yakitori, tempura, oden, gyoza, monja and okonomiyaki, curry-rice, soba and udon, and even (you guessed) sushi.

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