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Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Tsunagu Japan: 10 Must-See Places In Asakusa

Above, Sensoji Temple. Photo by Armand Vaquer.

One of my favorite places in Tokyo is the Asakusa district. 

It has restaurants, souvenir shops and toy shops. From Asakusa, there are great views of the Asahi Beer Hall and the Tokyo Skytree. It is also a great place for just hanging out.

Tsunagu Japan has an article with the "Ten Must-see Places In Asakusa."

It begins with:
Asakusa is a popular spot among both domestic and international tourists.  
We can’t emphasise enough how attractive the cityscape is. The district is definitely worth a visit when you are in Japan. 
During the Edo era, Asakusa prospered as the food (mainly rice) stocking place, where foods and rice were brought in from all over the country. Such foods were used as rations and wages for both samurai and civilians.  After the Meiji era, various entertainment halls and theaters were built in the district and Asakusa was reknowned as the cultural hub of Tokyo. 
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