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Monday, April 6, 2015

7 Great Places To Visit With A Tokyo Metro One-Day Open Ticket

Above, Nakamise Street in Asakusa. Photo by Armand Vaquer.

One of the nice things about Japan, and Tokyo in particular, are the bargains that can be had through their transportation systems.

Japan Info has posted an article on seven great places to visit in Tokyo with a Tokyo Metro one-day open ticket.

They wrote:
There’s no arguing Tokyo is a sea of wonderful places. Any person’s time (and energy) is almost never enough to experience all the awesomeness of this superb city. This awesomeness however, seem to have taken a toll on the affordability of transportation in Tokyo – transportation fare in this city costs an arm and a leg. Good thing Tokyo Metro (one of Tokyo’s major subway operators) offers one day open tickets. Ahh, definitely my favorite ticket! 
Tokyo Metro’s one day open ticket lets passengers use ALL Tokyo Metro lines for a whole day (i.e., from the first trips to 11:59 PM on the designated date). One such ticket now costs 600 yen and 300 yen for adults and children respectively (previously sold at 710 and 360 yen).
Another nice thing about the Tokyo Metro system, there are subway lines with convenient stations sprinkled all over the city. One really doesn't need to own a car in Tokyo because the Tokyo Metro transit system is THAT GOOD!

To see the seven places that the Tokyo Metro one-day open ticket can take you to, go here.

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