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Thursday, April 9, 2015

Godzilla Named Tokyo Tourism Ambassador

Godzilla has been known for many things over the years. He has been a destroyer of cities, a nuclear menace, defender of Earth, an anti-pollution message-giver and even a shill for various products. He now has a new, and official, title.

Godzilla is now tourism ambassador.

According to an article in the Huffington Post:
TOKYO (AP) — Fire-breathing, building-stomping Godzilla was welcomed in part of Tokyo on Thursday as a sign of prosperity, not destruction. 
The irradiated monster was appointed special resident and tourism ambassador for Shinjuku ward, known for its down-home bars and noodle restaurants. 
A Godzilla-size head towering 52 meters (171 feet) above ground level was unveiled at an office of Toho, the Japanese studio behind the 1954 original. Toho is shooting a comeback film this year after a decade-long hiatus.

At an awards ceremony next to the giant Godzilla head, an actor in a rubber suit waddled to Shinjuku Mayor Kenichi Yoshizumi. However, Toho executive Minami Ichikawa had to accept the residency certificate in Godzilla's place, since the suit's claws aren't designed to grab anything.
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