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Friday, April 24, 2015

Hope For Geezers In Japan: Airline Pilot Age Raised To 67

Above, an All Nippon Airways jet at Narita International Airport. Photo by Armand Vaquer.

For those seniors who enjoy their work as commercial airline pilots and would like to continue flying past age 65, there's good news for them.

Japan Today reported:
TOKYO —Japan has raised the age limit for piloting a commercial plane to 67, the latest effort in Asia to get to grips with a drastic pilot shortage. 
The move looks set to make pilots working for Japanese airlines among the oldest in the world. 
Until now, pilots had to retire their wings at 65. Under Japan’s new rules, pilots can carry on flying until their 68th birthday. 
“We are aiming to ease a shortage while still ensuring safety,” a transport ministry official told AFP. 
Japan has 5,900 airline pilots, including 500 aged 60 or over, according to the ministry.
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