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Thursday, April 16, 2015

"Lucy and Superman" In Color May 17

Above, photo collection assembled by Brad Shey.

CBS has announced a one-hour special broadcast of two colorized I Love Lucy episodes on Sunday, May 17.

According to Deadline Hollywood:
The network said today it will air two newly colorized episodes of its popular 1950s series from 8-9 PM Sunday, May 17. William Holden guest stars in “L.A. At Last!” (1955), and George Reeves — who was starring on TV’s Adventures Of Superman at the time — reprises his role as the Man of Steel in “Lucy and Superman” (1957). Superhero tie-in nicely played, CBS.
CBS has broadcast colorized I Love Lucy episodes before, usually during the holiday season. They are doing so in May as a way to "fill holes" in their broadcast schedule as the season will be ending at that time.

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