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Wednesday, April 22, 2015

News From JAPANiCAN.com

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The cherry blossoms may have passed, but other brilliant fields of flowers are just blooming, especially from the end of April and into May, so check out our top picks below! Note that these tours are so popular that we have added extra seats for many tour dates, but availability is very limited, so book as soon as possible!

★Fuji Shibazakura (Daytrip from Tokyo)

The undisputed king of our flower field tours and for good reason; this flower park in the foothills of Mt. Fuji positively bursts with color as the "shibazakura" (also known as "moss pink" in English) coat the landscape in vibrant pink. Throw in the included strawberry picking (and eating, of course) and a visit to a fascinating ever-frozen ice cave, and this tour makes an excellent springtime excursion from Tokyo.

Book the Fuji Shibazakura Tour!

★Double Flower Park Tour (Daytrip from Tokyo)

What's better than one flower park? For starters, how about TWO flower parks?! This daytrip tour from Tokyo visits two major flower parks that are famous for their striking botanical beauty among the locals, but are still largely unknown to the majority of our visitors from overseas. From fields of baby blue nemophila blossoms to a canopy of delicate wisteria vines and more, prepare to be enchanted!

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★Huis Ten Bosch Flower Kingdom (Daytrip from Fukuoka)

Visit Nagasaki's famous Huis Ten Bosch theme park for the park's Flower Kingdom 2015 event that spans several months and features an array of beautiful seasonal flowers and flower art! This handy package includes round-trip bus from Fukuoka, park admission, and a pass for the park bus.

Book the Huis Ten Bosch Flower Kingdom Tour!

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