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Saturday, April 11, 2015

Nomadic Fanatic On YouTube

Above, Eric "Nomadic Fanatic" and Jax on the road.

Recently, I began following the boondocking road travel adventures of Eric Jacobs (known as the Nomadic Fanatic) and his cat Jax over on YouTube. I find them entertaining and, at times, very educational.

When I began following Eric's travel adventures, he was driving an older model Class C Tioga motorhome. Unfortunately, the Tioga (that he named Tilly) developed some mechanical problems and Eric had to sell it down in Panama City, Florida.

Luckily, a fellow RV enthusiast gave Eric a Ford camping van. After some modifications to make the van more suitable to his needs, he's back on the road again.

In recent weeks, Eric took his viewing followers to the Jack Daniels brewery, the Louisville Slugger Museum and Factory, Nashville and other places of interest.

As Eric is not a rich man (he creates advertising for clients in his vehicle), he also had to rely upon contributions from followers. He recently felt he had to cease doing this (via PayPal) as some malcontents were posting attack messages on the comments section of his videos. Eric isn't hurting anyone, so I have a difficult time seeing why some idiots have to go out of their way to cause trouble. Maybe they're jealous that they are stuck in their mother's basement instead of being on the road like Eric.

Personally, I see nothing wrong with having an avenue for contributions. He is entertaining over 25,000 subscribers and he's not holding a gun to anyone's head to make a donation. If he is paying his taxes and everything's on the up and up, what's the problem? I think he should reinstate his link to PayPal and ignore the assholes. But that's my opinion.

I've noticed some recreational vehicle ads have been attached to Nomadic Fanatic's videos lately. Frankly, I think Eric ought to get a share of the advertising from them.

I have been enjoying the adventures of the Nomadic Fanatic and if you are into road trips, you might want to take a look for yourselves.

Below, is a recent video that Eric posted:

NOTE (4/12/15): I have received several comments on this post. Since all comments have to be approved by me, none that I consider vile and slanderous/libelous will be approved.

Unless you can prove what you are contending, you would be well-advised to keep your remarks to yourself and go elsewhere. 


zenlane1 said...

do you feel any different, now that more of the truth has come out?

Armand Vaquer said...

What truth? I've seen a lot of chatter, but no proof of anything.

Steve Allen said...

Totally agree with you Armand! Eric is everything you said about him and the comments people make about "anything and anybody" on YouTube are NOT always right, but that's the world we live in now.

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