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Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Rocket News 24: "Best Japanese Hotels, Based On Their Breakfasts"

Above, Tokyo's Hotel Asia Center of Japan. Photo by Armand Vaquer.

One of things I like about the Hotel Asia Center of Japan in Tokyo are its breakfasts. For about ¥800, a patron can enjoy either a Japanese-style or western-style buffet breakfast. Generally, I go with the western-style breakfast. But sometimes I do try some items from the Japanese-style breakfast offerings. Their freshly-baked croissants and great coffee add to the enjoyment.

Rocket News 24 has an article of the "Best Japanese Hotels, Based On Their Breakfasts." The list of hotels in the article is from TripAdvisor Japan's compilation of opinions and scores from 2014 of Japan travelers. If breakfast is one of your important meals of the day, it is worth a look. Unfortunately, the Hotel Asia Center of Japan didn't make the list.

Before the rundown of Japan's best hotels based on their breakfasts, Rocket News 24 begins with:
Soft beds, nice views, good location; sure, these are all important factors when choosing a hotel, but what really makes a hotel, or even a trip, memorable is the food, more specifically, the breakfast. 
Everyone needs a good breakfast to start their day, so why not eat the best of the best? Next time you’re in the area, you should probably check out one of the Japanese hotels with the most delicious breakfasts.

When you think back to the last hotel you stayed at, does your memory automatically cut to what you ate for breakfast there? Do soggy eggs or undercooked bacon ring a bell? Even if it was a pretty good meal that left you with fond memories, prepare yourself, because you may never look at hotel breakfasts again. You may also be finding yourself booking hotels just to try the breakfasts.  
The TripAdivsor Japan website compiled the 2014 opinions and scores of hotels (and their breakfasts) posted on the site in order to create this 2015 ranking of “Hotels with Delicious Breakfasts.” While many of the hotels have managed to hang on to their 2014 spots in the top 20, there are plenty of newcomers on the list too.
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