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Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Japan Travel SIM Available At Narita International Airport

Visitors to Japan can now get a travel SIM card at the arrival gate at Narita International Airport.

The Japan National Tourism Organization reported:
Japan Travel SIM – now available at the arrival gate of Narita International Airport 
Get your prepaid data SIM card which can be used throughout Japan. Internet is available at once. 
  • Sales price: YEN3,780 + Consumption Tax(8%)
  • Data capacity: 2GB
  • Transmission rate: LTE (Max. 150Mbps downlink/50Mbps uplink)
  • Service period: 3 months 
Now available at Arrival Gate of Narita International Airport. Reserve now before you arrive in Japan!
For further information:  https://www.g-call.com/phone/datasim/e/rental.php

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