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Wednesday, May 6, 2015


Source: Press Release

Chrissy Metz is an American actress from Homestead, Florida, best known for her roles in American Horror Story: Freak Show (2014), Loveless in Los Angeles (2011), Solving Charlie, (2009) and My Name Is Earl (2008).  
The middle child of five siblings, Chrissy took the spotlight as the ‘entertaining diplomat’ of the family. Chrissy moved to Japan when she was a child, and lived there for 10 years before moving back to the States, speaking Japanese before she even spoke English. 
After being discovered in Gainsville, Florida at a local talent event that sheoriginally attended as just a chaperone for her sister, she packed up and moved to Los Angeles to find her way into the entertainment industry. 
It was her role as “Ima Wiggles” in last season's 'American Horror Story' that really won her the heart of the Nation and a slew of new fans. Chrissy has struggled with her weight for a very long time and is all too aware of the challenges of an unconventional
Actress trying to make her mark in superficial Los Angeles. In the face of the media's idea of beauty, they have regularly passed up her talents for thinner
women. However, American Horror Story production actually decided Chrissy was not plus size enough! So they exaggerated her weight by having her put on a fat suit to appear 5 times larger. 
You can read about her and her role here…
Chrissy is also a skilled singer, and her brand new single entitled "Ladies Love Cool J" was released last month. The song is a perfectly campy, catchy and lighthearted retro love fest with a hilarious accompanying video. The musical style is bluesy rock meets early Hip Hop, its fun and original and wholly authentic. The song itself is a re- interpretation of a couple of LL Cool J 's classic songs (“I Need Love” and “Around the Way Girl”) mashed together with style and finesse. 
You can check the video out here: https://youtu.be/PkKvFmQSFqk 
When she is not acting, Chrissy enjoys to write, travel, and perform stand up comedy, she hopes to be an active member of the non-profit organization The Obesity Action Coalition, dedicated to give a voice to those affected by the disease of Obesity. She is also a supporter of the World Vision Organization, which aims to provide poverty stricken children and families with the help they need to maintain a healthier and happier
life. Chrissy is currently finishing up her EP, as well as continuing to focus on her passion of acting and entertaining both on the small and big screen.

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