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Buy The Amazon Kindle Store Ebook Edition

Buy The Amazon Kindle Store Ebook Edition
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Thursday, May 21, 2015

"The Monster Movie Fan's Guide To Japan" Ebook and Print Editions


The Amazon Kindle Store ebook edition of The Monster Movie Fan's Guide To Japan is (at this writing) at number 99 of the top 100 Best Sellers in Japanese Travel.

The ebook is compatible with Kindle ebook platforms and is only $4.99.

Before ordering, make sure to check to see if your browser, software, app or programs are compatible with the various ebooks so that they render correctly for you. One digital size does not fit all.

To order the ebook, go here.



Also, the print edition is still available. I am down to under 100 copies. Once they're sold out, they're gone!  (Well, at least until the updated edition is completed and ready for sale.)

First, just send by snail mail your check or money order for $11.95 payable to:

Armand Vaquer
18618 Collins Street, #105
Tarzana, CA 91356

Second, you can also order via Paypal. Go here for the Paypal link.

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