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Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Toho Sues Voltage Pictures Over Godzilla Copyright Infringement

Above, the title character in last year's Godzilla by Legendary
Pictures/Warner Bros. Photo: Legendary Pictures/Warner Bros.

The ever-diligent legal team of Toho Co., Ltd., the parent company of Godzilla, has filed suit over the use of images and the Godzilla name against Voltage Pictures alleging copyright infringement.

According to an article in Anime News Network:
Japanese film production and distribution company TOHO has filed a lawsuit on Tuesday in California federal court against American film production company Voltage Pictures (The Hurt Locker, Dallas Buyers Club) for allegedly infringing on TOHO's Godzilla copyright. TOHO claims that Voltage Pictures used the Godzilla name and image without TOHO's permission in their efforts to publicize its upcoming movie Colossal.
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