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Friday, May 1, 2015

Winnebago Goes To Work

Above, the Winnebago at work. Photo by Armand Vaquer.

May is certainly off to a problematic start.

There were several reasons for buying a recreational vehicle.
  • First, for traveling around to see the county. 
  • Second, to attend E Clampus Vitus "clamp-outs."
  • Third, to use as a "second vehicle" in case the Mustang has to go into the repair shop.

Well, number three popped up yesterday. The night before, while en route to work, the temperature gauge shot up indicating that the car was about to overheat. I immediately pulled off the freeway and shut down the engine and coasted as close as I could to a gasoline station to get water.

I thought I caught it in time. I refilled the radiator with water and was on my way to work again. But, I noticed the car was running a little rough.

I was planning to bring the car to my mechanic yesterday anyway to have the smog check done. I told him about the overheating. Later that day, he informs me that I may have blown the head gasket. I speculated that I could have also cracked the engine block (if this were the case, the engine would have seized). I told him to go ahead and proceed.

So, tonight, I had to take the Winnebago to work. Good thing I bought the motorhome to use as a second vehicle whenever the car is in the repair shop.

When I arrived at work, a co-worker asked, "Playing Spaceballs tonight?" Upon seeing this quote over at Facebook, a cousin responded, "May the Schwartz be with you!"

Seeing it in the parking lot at work makes it look like I am boondocking* there.

*Boondocking or Wild Camping is parking your RV for free with no water, electrical or sewer hookups. (Source: Ask.com.)

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