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Monday, June 1, 2015

June Already?!

Above, Upper Yellowstone Falls in 1990. Photo by Armand Vaquer.

It seems like almost yesterday that I flew down to San Diego to pick up my Winnebago motorhome at La Mesa RV back in February. Now we're in June.

During the months following the purchase, I've been busy equipping it with necessities and other items to make a vacation much more comfortable. Now, we are about to put everything to good use.

I've been looking forward to this month as my daughter Amber and I will be taking a vacation to Yellowstone National Park. We will be camping in The Beast during the trip which will have us traveling through Nevada, Utah, Idaho, Montana and Wyoming.

We picked June as the summer tourist season would be just beginning and we'll be avoiding the season's peak number of crowds. It was also easier to make campground and tour reservations.

Amber has been looking forward to this trip as she hasn't had a week's vacation since graduating college. She was only three years old when she made her one and only visit to Yellowstone. Now that she's a lot older and a veterinary student, she will definitely appreciate it more since there's wildlife to see such as bison, bears, elk, wolves and other critters.

If we have enough time, we'll also see Grand Teton National Park.

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