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Sunday, July 12, 2015

RVParkReviews: A Valuable Vacation Planning Resource

For those planning their RV vacations have available to them a great online database resource that will inform them which are the best and worst RV resorts and campgrounds, RVParkReviews.com.

According to the website:
RVParkReviews is a member driven comprehensive review and camping information site specifically for those who love to camp. Campground reviews submitted by real campers enable the RVing community to plan wonderful trips and find accommodations that meet their every desire. 
For over a decade RVers across the USA, Canada and Mexico have been sharing unbiased reviews and interesting travel information. Our web site thrives on the generous contributors who have taken time to share their camping experiences with the world. We display both positive and negative reviews, which are strictly the opinions of the authors. 206478 reviews and counting!!
After posting my reviews of three campgrounds we used during our recent trip to Yellowstone National Park, I was invited to add my reviews to the database.

To date, I have two campground reviews, Richfield (Utah) KOA and Beaver (Utah) KOA, posted. I have a third one that is currently being reviewed for approval.

To see RVParkReviews, go here

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