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Monday, August 3, 2015

August L.A. To Tokyo Airfare Check

Above, seagull feeding in Matsushima Bay. Photo by Armand Vaquer.

It seems like only yesterday that my daughter and I were in Yellowstone National Park in June and then Denise and I were in Lake Havasu in July jet skiing. Now we're in August. Where does the time fly?

Well, since we're in August, it is time for the airfare check for flights from Los Angeles to Tokyo.

The Los Angeles Times Travel section reported yesterday that round-trip airfares for L.A. to Tokyo ranged from the low end of $977.00 to the high end of $1,153.00. These are before any taxes or fees are added into the mix.

For being in the middle of the summer travel season, these fares seem to me to be a little lower than usual. Perhaps it's my imagination.

Following my perusal at the L. A. Times Travel section, I then checked with my favorite source for airline tickets to Japan, GatewayLAX to see what they could come up with on low airfares. This is for an August 15 departure and return on August 23.

This is what they came up with:

Keep in mind that the above fare does not include taxes and fees and the flight is to and from Haneda Airport in Tokyo.

GatewayLAX came up with cheaper fares (in the $500-600 range), but they involved stopovers. Some of the stopovers didn't make much sense. I saw some that departed Los Angeles to Minneapolis, Minnesota and from there to Narita International Airport. Others had stopovers in Portland, Oregon. At least the Portland stopovers made some sense as Portland is generally on the way to Japan. But Minneapolis?!

It looks like the Los Angeles Times beat GatewayLAX this month. Then again, we don't know if any of their fares involves stopovers.

Unless something interesting comes up regarding airfares between now and next month, the next airfare report will be in September.

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