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Monday, August 24, 2015

"Dino Don" Gets His "Dino"

Above, Don Glut and Armand in the dissection room* of The House of Glut. Photo by Yuu Asakura.

Sandwiched atop the craggy, rugged and jagged peaks near the Borgo Pass and the sleepy little hamlets of Goldstadt and Burbank, stands an ancient castle that the locals call The House of Glut. Herein, resides the old keeper of dinosaur artifacts as well as memorabilia of monsters and mad scientists, Donald F. "Dino Don" Glut.

On this very evening, I paid a visit to Herr Glut and delivered to him a new dinosaur artifact, a plush of Sinclair Oil Company's "Dino" mascot.

During my recent vacation to Yellowstone National Park, I searched far and wide through Wyoming, Montana, Idaho and Utah for this rare artifact and finally found a specimen at a Sinclair gasoline station in Utah.

After several weeks passed, I gained enough courage to make the trek to The House of Glut to deliver this prized dinosaur specimen to Herr Glut.

As Dino Don was very busy plotting his next reign of terror upon Burbank and Goldstadt, I made haste after handing him the specimen (and taking the obligatory photograph to memorialize the event in the dissection room*) to the flatlands of the San Fernando Valley.

Needless to say, Dino Don was very pleased to receive this priceless specimen to include it in his dinosaur collection.

*Commonly known as "The Kitchen".

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