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Monday, August 24, 2015

Japan Info: Autumn Things to Look Forward to in Japan

Above, Nakamise Street decked out in autumn colors. Photo by Armand Vaquer.

In about a month from now, Autumn will begin in lands above the Equator. And that includes Japan where people can finally cool off after a sweltering summer season.

Japan Info has posted an article on things to look forward to during the autumn season.

They begin with:
Japan’s four seasons have very clear cuts. It usually goes: “Boom!” and a new season has started. And once it is autumn, the whole country has a beautiful reddish colouring, making one want to enjoy the season to its limits. 
Whereas summers are quite hot and exhausting, people strongly look forward to Autumn. Finally it is cooler, finally one does not sweat anymore each time he or she steps a foot outside. Air conditioning becomes less necessary and one can switch back to fans and open windows. Official dates state that 9th of August is the date when autumn starts, but it is usually not until the end of September when the temperatures finally drop.
To find out what things the Japanese people look forward to, go here

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