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Sunday, August 23, 2015

Looney Sacramento Leftists Want To Take Your Gasoline and Privacy

Looney Left Report

The left-wing Democrat-controlled California legislature has introduced Senate Bill 350 that, if enacted, will restrict the use of gasoline in California by 50%, raise costs, increase regulations and eliminate your personal privacy by monitoring and collecting your personal driving data.

According to the California Drivers Alliance:
Right now, reckless politicians in Sacramento are working to restrict gasoline and diesel fuel in California by 50% over the next 15 years - The California Gasoline Restriction Act of 2015.  
The 50% gas restrictions would be carried out by California's Air Resources Board - a panel of unelected bureaucrats empowered to restrict gasoline usage in California by any means necessary. The Air Resources Board would have the power to:
  • Ration gasoline and diesel fuel
  • Limit how many miles you can drive
  • Monitor and penalize motorists for using too much gasoline
  • Increase gas taxes to reduce demand
  • Impose surcharges on family mini-vans and pick-up trucks
They will have a blank check to cut your gasoline use by 50%!  
Sign the Digital Petition today to tell the politicians NO unfair gas restrictions! No to SB 350!!!
To tell the Sacramento politicans NO, sign the petition: http://support.californiadriversalliance.org/

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