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Sunday, August 16, 2015

Nomadic Fanatic Back In A Motorhome

Above, Eric Jacobs in his new Tioga.

For the past several months, Eric Jacobs has been camping and living in a campervan with his cat Jax after "Tilly the Tioga" was sold down in Florida.

Now, he's back in another Class C motorhome. It is a 1985 Fleetwood Tioga. It is bigger than Tilly (for now, he's calling this RV Tilly 2.0) and he seems much happier in this vehicle.

While his travel videos continued during the time in the campervan, I felt that, although entertaining and educational, they were a little less interesting to me (since I am a Class C motorhome owner) than when he was in the motorhome.

Right now, he's been getting Tilly 2.0 in shape for extended road trips.

Here is the video of his announcement of the acquisition of the Tioga:

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