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Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Radical Libs On L.A. City Council Propose New Gun Storage Ordinance

Above, another "great" scheme by the City of Los Angeles.

The Los Angeles City Council, dominated by radical-liberal Democrats, are proposing a gun storage law that infringes on citizens' 2nd Amendment gun rights.

The Los Angeles Daily News reported:
Amid complaints Congress is failing to address gun safety, Los Angeles city leaders backed a sweeping new ordinance Tuesday requiring local handgun owners to safely lock up their weapons or face misdemeanor charges. 
The proposed law, set to be one of the strictest in the California, follows a national trend of children and teens accessing unattended handguns with sometimes fatal results, said Los Angeles City Councilman Paul Krekorian, who spearheaded the ordinance. 
“It will help protect children,” Krekorian said of the law. “It will help prevent momentary instances of anguish from becoming tragic suicides.” 
Under the ordinance, which returns next week to the council for a vote, gun owners must store their firearms in a locked container or disable them with a trigger lock. Guns don’t have to be stored if the weapon is carried or “within close proximity and control that the owner can readily retrieve and use the handgun as if carried on the person.” 
Lawmakers and city attorneys worked on the wording up until Tuesday’s City Council vote after pushback from gun advocacy groups and several City Council members, who sought the additional word “control” in the law. Critics feared that without that phrase, gun owners could leave their weapon on a bedside table, for instance, and fall asleep.
Do you really think a drug-crazed criminal, who has just broken into your home at 2:00 AM, will wait while you fumble around in the dark trying to unlock your 9mm handgun so you can protect yourself? The stupidity of radical liberals knows no bounds!

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