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Saturday, August 15, 2015

The Virgin River Gorge, Where Desolation Ends

Above, a view of the Virgin River Gorge from The Beast. Photo by Amber Vaquer.

One of the most desolate drives (in my opinion) in America has to be Interstate 15 in California's Mojave Desert and through Nevada, especially the long stretch between Las Vegas to the Arizona and Utah borders. While driving north, there were few spots of what one may call "scenic beauty" along the way.

When my daughter Amber and I drove The Beast to Yellowstone National Park, we drove through Las Vegas (since we already had breakfast at the Flying J travel center in Barstow) without stopping.

We did make one stop before we reached Utah and that was the Moapi Indian travel center that was midway between Las Vegas and the border. There, we saw a huge tent filled with fireworks of all kinds and description. Since we had no place to shoot off skyrockets without ending up with an enormous fine or jail (or both), we just purchased some firecrackers.

After leaving the Moapi travel center, we resumed our drive north to Utah. The drive was still rather desolate until we reached the Virgin River Gorge. It is while you drive through the gorge, you will briefly pass through a small tip of Arizona and then you enter the state of Utah.

The gorge was carved by the Virgin River over millions of years. It is there that we leave desolate scenery and enter colorful canyons and green valleys. After entering Utah on Interstate 15, it is not too long before the highway reaches St. George, Utah.

The beautiful scenery doesn't end in St. George, but instead it continues through the middle of the state and then through Idaho and Montana.

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