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Monday, September 28, 2015

Budgeting Tips For Your Trip To Japan

Above, the Niigata Dormy Inn. Photo by Armand Vaquer.

If you are planning to take a vacation to Japan, there are three things that you should budget for: accommodations, food and transport.

Japan Info has posted an article on "Essential Budgeting Tips For Your Trip To Japan" that will help you budget and, also, save money (if you so choose).

They begin with:
Japan is often described as an expensive country to visit, live or work in. However, this does not need to be so and is not entirely true. Accommodation to live in Tokyo can be very expensive, but the same can be said for any other capital city across the world, such as London or New York. If you are planning a trip to Japan, you may feel that you need to save a lot of money to visit. This does not have to be true. Equally, if you wish to splash your cash in Japan, then there are many ways to do so. Below are the areas in which your money will be spent. You can either choose to save or spend in any or all of these areas.
To read more, go here.

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