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Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Good Sam and Coast To Coast Resorts

Over 26 years ago, my ex-wife and I would occasionally accept invitations from Coast To Coast Resorts for free three days, two-night camping at one of their resorts. We camped in either the tent trailer or micro-mini motorhome. All we had to do was to attend a 90-minute presentation on their membership campground programs. Some of the presentations were laid-back and some were high pressure. But, after enduring the presentations, we still had the free camping (one time was during the L.A. Riots following the Rodney King verdict) and came away with a gift (one of which was a propane barbecue).

We thought that the memberships were too pricey and declined. But, we had to admit, their campgrounds were first-class (generally-speaking).

Today I received the following email from Coast To Coast Resorts (part of it below):

You're invited to check out Coast to Coast Resorts!View in your browser.

What I found interesting is that Coast To Coast Resorts is a part of the Good Sam "family of companies". Note the Good Sam face in the Coast To Coast logo. I am currently a member of the Good Sam Club.

Since I have been out of the RVing loop for 25 years, I found it interesting to see that Coast To Coast Resorts is affiliated with the Good Sam Club. Will wonders ever cease? I guess I was away too long.

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