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Sunday, September 6, 2015

The Germiest Places On Airplanes and Airports

If you thought an airliner's bathrooms were the most germ-laden part of a plane, guess again. They're not.

A recent study has found the germiest places on an airplane and Travel + Leisure has the results. They have posted an article on the subject that begins with:
Airports and planes are breeding grounds for germs—this most likely isn't a surprise for anyone, given how many people travel through them every day. Travel Math, a website focused on breaking down trips by the numbers (think: miles traveled, cost of driving, flight times, etc.), recently released some information shining some light on the germiest places in said travel hubs. 
A microbiologist visited five airports and four different flights to take some samples to determine the bacteria population on each per square inch. You can check out the full infographic here, but we pulled out a few particular, um, problem spots. 
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